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*Lori  Schoenwalder

*Lori Schoenwalder

Tax Professional

With over 28 years of experience preparing taxes, Lori brings her extensive wealth of knowledge to our Tax Management team. Prior to joining us in 2005, Lori worked for a national tax preparation firm. Lori specializes in individual, small business and out of state tax returns. To stay on top of her field and develop her professional skills, she regularly attends tax training and certification programs.

She is dedicated to helping her clients and each season prepares between 150-200 tax returns. While Lori enjoys seeing her clients return every year, she also welcomes new clients. Personalized attention, prompt service and client satisfaction are Lori's hallmarks.

When she is not working, Lori enjoys fishing (even through the ice), boating and spending time Up North with her family and friends. She is also known as "Master Chef" because of the wonderful desserts she bakes for her office colleagues.