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Your Team

Michael  Savolt

Michael Savolt

President, Wealth Advisor

Bryan  Grant

Bryan Grant

Partner, Wealth Advisor

Debbie  Moore

Debbie Moore

Senior Investment Assistant

*Cheryl  Alderson

*Cheryl Alderson

Certified Public Accountant

*Denise  Van Ess

*Denise Van Ess

Certified Public Accountant

*Eric  Jensen

*Eric Jensen

EA, Business Development Team Leader

*Tom  Servais

*Tom Servais

Certified Public Accountant

*Ann  Shefchik

*Ann Shefchik

Payroll and Sales Team Leader

*Jake  Bergner

*Jake Bergner

Tax Administrator, Bookkeeper

*Carrie Buntjer

*Carrie Buntjer

Certified Management Accountant

*Individual is not affiliated with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.