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If you are looking for an update on your stimulus check please check this website. If you have moved, had a balance due for 2018/19, never put direct deposit information on your return, we highly recommend checking the website and confirming they don't need any additional information. Would include Banking/Direct deposit information specifically. It will speed up the process in getting your funds to you.

Stimulus Check Payment Info

For those that don’t have a filing requirement and are not on some sort of Social Security payments or Railroad retirements please see this link to enter the payment information in.

Non-Filers Payment Info


We have been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak closely and are keeping the health and safety of our clients and employees as our top priority.  We have made temporary changes to our current policies and procedures as well as the handling of tax appointments until further notice. The IRS has also made some changes to current deadlines.The new deadline for filing both Wisconsin and Federal tax returns is July 15, 2020.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to ensure smooth processes for our clients in this unpredictable time.  We appreciate everyone’s flexibility and understanding as we work to meet the upcoming deadlines for our clients and strive to continue the level of customer service our customers have come to expect and deserve.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the COVID-19 stimulus check, the CARES Act, Families First Act or options for businesses please use the links below. We are continuously monitoring these items and will provide updates in the links below as they come. 



Here is what you need to know:


  • There will be no face to face appointments conducted at this time
  • New procedures to take the place of face to face meetings:
    • We have several options for clients to get their information to us:
      • Drop off- Secure receptacles are located in the lobby of all locations for clients to drop off their documents to us.
      • Mail – clients can mail their information to us
      • Email/Secure Portal – clients can email us their information or contact us for access to our secure portal so documents can be uploaded to us securely.
    • Preparers will be contacting our clients for a phone or video conference to review the return after it has been completed.
    • We will utilize electronic signature options or mail for completing the necessary electronic filing forms.